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Thirteen in 13 is inspired by the fact that Anne Frank was 13 when she received her diary, and that the century has also ‘turned teenager’ this year.  While Anne’s writing has become a testament to the horror of the Holocaust, it also reflects that thirteen is a significant time of transition from childhood into adolescence.

In 2013, we want to give all thirteen-year-olds the chance to voice their thoughts and hopes about the society they’re growing up in by writing a letter to the Prime Minister. The campaign is managed by the Anne Frank Trust UK which is a registered charity in England, Wales, and Scotland and is a partner organisation of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

To find out more about the Anne Frank Trust and our work in schools around the UK, please click here.

We also have a range of educational resources available to download for free from our website. For our new lesson pack to accompany the Thirteen in 13 campaign and other resources, please click here.


All entrants are asked to confirm that they have obtained permission for a parent or teacher before submitting their letter. We have also provided a number of guidelines to help with online safety. For full terms and conditions, please click here.

While our registration process does include questions about demographic data such as gender and location, answering these questions is optional. If your child or student does provide us with demographic data, it will be visible only to Anne Frank Trust administrators.



Thirteen in 13 has put filters in place which prevent entries with swearing or offensive content being uploaded. We also have a team of trained moderators to read through entries and take down ones with inappropriate content. Due to the volume of entries, we are unable to manually process entries before they are posted, but users have the opportunity to flag anything they feel is inappropriate, which will allow us to review it immediately.



If your child or student wins a prize or if we would like to feature their letter in another location, such as in The Times newspaper, we will contact them by the email that they provided us at the point of registration. We will not feature their entry anywhere without their permission.

Official emails will come ONLY from thirteen@annefrank.org.uk



If you have any further questions about child safety at Thirteen in 13, please feel free to contact us.


"The issue, which I am talking about is the school building plans for the future."

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