Read what Britain’s thirteen year olds have been writing to the Prime Minister in 2013.

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Dear Mr Cameron, thank-you taking the time to read this, it is good to know that you care what everyone believes. I think that it ought to be illegal to sell products without making it clear how they have been manufactured. Too many people in this country forget that the cheap products they buy are often mass produced in poorer countries by children younger than me, and adults too, with no other choice but to work long hours for so little pay that they have no way of improving their situation. Of course you know this already, but when we studied it in school it made me miserable and angry to realise that there are still many companies growing rich from exploiting their employees and that the issue remains a matter of fact to be debated rather that a monstrosity to be abolished as soon as possible. Everyone has the right to be happy. If every item produced in this way carried a label, in the same way as packets of cigarettes do, explaining how they were made, less people would buy them and it might force companies to change their ways. It would be a tragedy if the beautiful things in the world, the rainforests and icecaps and wild animals disappeared. I would love to go and see them for myself one day, I hope it won't be too late.Deforestation destroys habitats and entire species to make room for cities and cattle to be slaughtered to make fast food. Governments should work together to stop it happening. I heard that there is a way of cloning animals which are already extinct, but oughtn't we be trying to protect the ones we still have? Sadly, if there was just one tiger left I'm sure there would be somebody who would shoot it. Please tell other leaders to cease careless killing of the earth. In the future, I believe there should be less packaging. Almost everything you can buy is excessively wrapped in plastic which will just end up in a hole in the ground. I know it will take a lot of research to find a more sustainable material, but some of it really isn't necessary. I once saw a plastic wrapped coconut! Thank you for taking note of my views, yours sincerely, Pippa


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