Read what Britain’s thirteen year olds have been writing to the Prime Minister in 2013.

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Dear Mr Cameron, I’m writing to you to inform you about dementia. Thousands of people around the world become diagnosed with dementia. One of them is my granddad. My granddad was diagnosed with dementia last year but we didn’t know about it till the later stages of the disease. Dementia is a terrible disease. You forget your loved ones and your friends. It basically eats yours brain away. These people who suffer from dementia have paid National Insurances their whole life. Personally I think the government should choose clearly whether dementia care should be funded by the NHS or social care. The government says the overall dementia diagnosis rate in England is about 45%. Dementia has affected over 800,000 people across the UK. The UK spends 23 billion a year on Dementia. Rates of dementia are steadily increasing with an ageing population, making the relevant to all of us. The symptoms for Dementia are, memory loss, thinking speed, mental agility, language, understanding and judgement. To conclude this letter I think doctors should diagnose Dementia in the earlier stages like they do for breast Cancer. The NHS invite woman at the age of 50 to be screened for Breast Cancer. Why can’t the NHS invite men and woman at the age of 50 to be tested for Dementia? Personally I think it is unfair. You’re sincerely Abby


"The issue, which I am talking about is the school building plans for the future."

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"We could make people more aware of what they are doing to their bodies."

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"Criminals should pay for what they’ve done, especially if they take a child’s life."

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