Read what Britain’s thirteen year olds have been writing to the Prime Minister in 2013.

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Dear Mr. Cameron, As an ardent royalist I’m a little worried about the sustainability and future of the monarchy. It seems almost invidious to argue that an institution that costs the taxpayer an estimated £200 million a year has any place in this age of austerity. Couldn’t that money be better spent on healthcare for the sick or housing for the homeless? And many people don’t even like the Royal family. Is it really fair to spend the people’s money on things that they might be opposed to? These questions, and many more, are ones that trouble all of us self-respecting royalists. So, how can the monarchy be sustained? The modern royal family is almost obscenely commercialized. With photographs of royals selling for £2 million, some of the more hard-core monetarists in your cabinet might argue that this is something that needs to be harnessed. Harry, with his penchant for nude photo-shoots, would surely be a huge money-spinner. Another way to raise money for the monarchy would be to tax the wealthiest 0.5% of the population and those who receive honours. That way, only the people who benefit from the monarchy and those who are affluent enough to afford it will have to pay. In return, they can reap the country’s gratitude and gain entrance to the royal networking opportunities that are garden parties. That said, most of these people are probably on the garden party guest list already. Yours royally, Nia


"The issue, which I am talking about is the school building plans for the future."

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"We could make people more aware of what they are doing to their bodies."

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"Criminals should pay for what they’ve done, especially if they take a child’s life."

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