Read what Britain’s thirteen year olds have been writing to the Prime Minister in 2013.

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Dear Mr Cameron, I am writing to discuss the topic of homelessness in Britain. Did you know that on average homeless people die at the age of 47? Did you know that homeless people are 13 times (yes 13 times) more likely to become a victim of violence? Did you know that the main cause for homelessness is a relationship breakdown? Did you know that 5678 people slept rough on LONDON'S streets last year (bare in mind that that figure is for London alone)? And did you know that 97% of homeless people want to work and 2% work full time? No I have asked you some questions, put your self in their shoes. Homeless people on average die at the age of 47, that means they will not see their senior years or may not reach the 50 and 60 milestones. How old are you Mr Cameron? You are 46, you have a beautiful wife and family, how would you feel if you were homeless, you had no more family and knew that your were on your last leg of life and that every morning after your 47th birthday you feel lucky, because you didn't die the day before. 13 is a small number but it isn't. Homeless people are 13 times more likely to be victim of violence, now that 13 doesn't seem so small. 13 times. Everyone suffers from some sort of violence, but homeless people suffer 13 times worse than us. You would want anyone being a victim of violence at all, and they are 13 times more likely to suffer than us. That's unimaginable isn't it? Why do we suffer? Why do they suffer? No one should suffer, at all. Relationships are hard to handle these days, so we can't help it if the main result of homelessness is a relationship breakdown, but we can help them by finding them a home and not let them result in becoming homeless. 5678 people slept homeless in London last year, that's just London, what about the rest if the UK? There are 1889 council homes in London so if you compare the two figures, you have more people homeless than council homes, shouldn't you do something about this? Can't you find homes for the homeless? It can't be that hard. You complain that there are too many people unemployed, well if 97% of the homeless want to work why can't you find them work? So far you have managed to get jobs for 2% of the homeless. What about the other 97%? If you are working on it then it is taking far too long, it is these sorts of things that need to do be done quickly, I won't take 'we are working on it' as an answer. What about the other 97%? Are you going to get them jobs because you shouldn't be complaining about the unemployed if you aren't prepared to give the homeless who WANT jobs, jobs. This is terrible. Can you not see it? Because I'm sure it is plain to see by everyone, homelessness is something that needs to be sorted out. I don't want it sorted out tomorrow, next week, next mont, next year, I want it sorted out today! If you sort the homeless and homelessness out then that would surely make Britain better. I hope you take into consideration what I have said and that it will change the way you see things and I hope you do something about homelessness as well. Yours Faithfully Oliver


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