Whilst we want you to enjoy taking part in this campaign, we also want to ensure that you are safe whilst online.




When you register, please only include your first name.

To be able to take part in Thirteen in 13, you must also tick a box to confirm you are thirteen during 2013. This can be either that you have been thirteen earlier this year, are currently thirteen, or will turn thirteen during 2013.

When you sign up you’ll also be asked a few questions about yourself, like whether you’re a boy or girl, and what part of Britain you’re from. You don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to. Nobody will be able to see this information but the Thirteen in 13 team at the Anne Frank Trust.


Staying safe in your letter

When you write your entry, please make sure you don’t share anything that tells people your identity, like your name, relatives’ names, or which school you go to.



Questions about you

We are working with a university which wishes to do a study about the campaign. The answers you give are for statistics, so don’t worry, your name or your entry won’t be included. If you don’t want your information to be used, you do not have to answer any of the questions.



Sections from the thirteen selected entries will be published in The Times newspaper. We will always ask you before your letter is displayed anywhere but on the ‘Thirteen in 13’ website.  



If you win a prize, we’ll contact you by the email you gave us when you registered – so make sure you use the right one! We won’t feature your entry anywhere if you don’t want us to, so we always email you to ask first.

If you win a prize, we might need to know your postal address so we can send it to the right place. Official emails will come ONLY from thirteen@annefrank.org.uk



Feel free to send us an email at info@annefrank.org.uk and we’ll answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please let your parents and teachers know that they can get in touch with us as well if they have any questions. 


"The issue, which I am talking about is the school building plans for the future."

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"We could make people more aware of what they are doing to their bodies."

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"Criminals should pay for what they’ve done, especially if they take a child’s life."

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