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Dear Mr Cameron, I feel as if it is my my duty to inform you about a major crisis, which has occurred, not only in Bradford but in the whole of England. The issue, which I am talking about is the school building plans for the future. By scrapping that scheme, you have created a major issue. Nearly all the schools in England were promised enough funds to build a new school build and to repair and bring back to life the old one as well. However, this scheme was abandoned half completed! This resulted in some schools getting new school buildings however the majority of the schools did not. The outcome from form this huge fault was that most schools felt as if they were abandoned and no one cared.have you ever felt how that feels? Moreover,the effect of your decision were not only felt by every child you broke your promise to but also by their parents. They wanted their children to have a better future but their dreams were shattered when you took away the fund. Furthermore, many schools building are quite hazardous which can cause negative effects to children's studies. On the other hand, there are numerous advantages if the scheme was brought back. For example, by having a new building it would make it more convenient for pupils living close to get a place at that school. Ever child in England is entitled to get a top class education at their local school. The out come of this will be that ore and more children will get better education because there won't be any problem for them to get to school. Nearly 7.5 million students miss a month of study each year. This number can decrease by a land slide if a new build is built for schools. To add to this, from a new building more job opportunities will be available. This will result into a decrease in the number of unemployment in England. This will satisfy the people of England and it will help to run the country run better. By more people having jobs more taxes will be paid meaning more for others. There are some factors which may be an obstacle to achieve this, foe example, lack of money. However, as children are the future a bit of money now will benefit the future. Whereas if the the government becomes greedy at this stage there will be unimaginable disaster in the future. So of we spend a little money today we will save tomorrow. To conclude this letter, I would like to say on behalf of ever child in England to bring back the scheme for the schools for the future. This is not a small scale issue it is a huge one. As quoted by Albert Einstein " a person who does not make mistakes does not learn anything." So unfortunately you have made a mistake but nobody is perfect. From this mistake I hope you learn a valuable lesson and bring back the scheme. Yours sincerely, Muhammad