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Dear Mr Cameron, I am writing to emphasise the problem of drink, drugs and unhealthy eating; these are extreme problems within our society. Firstly I would like to approach the fact of obesity increase in the UK we could stop this increasing. For instance with fatty foods we could decrease the calorie intake and fat with all of fatty food products. Also not make them with added sugars and salts. As well as that we could make people more aware of what they are doing to their bodies and the health risks associated with it. In addition, the use of drink and drugs are really high and we need a way of tackling this else the next generation will increasingly be getting worse. In my opinion, I think the government should legalise weed so that they can make money from it because of tax and then the use of weed can be controlled. Also the security at airports needs to be higher in order for drugs not to be transported across the border. On the issue of drink I think that the prices of drink should increase so that people won’t be able to afford to have a lot. your sincerely Ellie